A message from Pastor David in response to this season

Shelter in Place Re-Entry

Here in the Bay Area, many of us have been sheltering in place since mid-March.  Some people were ready to come back to in-person services in April, and some people want to wait until a vaccine for COVID-19 is proven effective.  Both are understandable, and we will welcome you back when you feel it’s safe to return!

I want to take some space to share with you what we at SCC have in mind — while we also know these plans have to remain flexible as information becomes available.  We will comply with the state and county and open safely in phases over time. Here’s where we are right now: In June, we will work out the live streaming process with people in the room.  During that month, we’ll also use the time to fine-tune other practices that have become necessary during this unprecedented time. This gives us the space to see and hear what is happening around us. I have no desire to open these doors and then be told to close. We will wait and walk cautiously. Like so many of you, we are on a steep and constantly changing learning curve.  Here’s just a portion of how we’re planning for your return…

  • Seating arrangements:  We’ll provide space for social distancing. 
  • Greeting each other:  We will encourage waving, elbows.  
  • We’re evaluating how best to serve communion and receive offerings and personal prayer. 
  • Public Awareness:  We’ve ordered hand sanitizers by the bucket-load! We are preparing signs to display that help us remain aware of healthy protocols.
  • Kids Ministry & Student Ministry:  Our kids and our students are doing really well, and that is reshaping how we are going to do this going forward.  For a little while, there will be limitations.  Pastors Nathan & Lisa and their team are working diligently to continue providing safe and spiritually rewarding environments for all children — including those with special needs.
  • Wearing masks:  These are required during on-site gatherings.
  • Cleaning: We’re updating cleaning schedules for before, during, and after services.  Your health matters that much to us!

This something that goes deeper than just re-opening the church building. The larger question is WHY. We need to be on the same page here. There is a value to our vision to love God & love others. There is value in our mission to know, follow, show & share Jesus…to be shaped by God & help others find their shape in Him. 

This isn’t a temporary cause. This is a relationship with God that lasts forever.  Out of that relationship the Holy Spirit moves and motivates us to live for Jesus no matter where He leads and into whatever He wants to do. This is why we value His presence, worship, learning God’s word, being with each other, and serving others. 

Our online connections are so good. That isn’t going to end, but something irreplaceable happens when we are face to face. We are planning a “comeback.”  Even as we do that, we recognize that power lies in His presence more than any human method.